1.1 How do I install the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software?

First, download our software from the Full Circle Print website and select your desktop as your download destination. It will take a few moments to download the installation program. It is recommended that you have a broadband internet connection or equivalent. If you are using wireless Internet, please try to connect directly to your router or download the software nearby the router to gain the best signal strength for the download.

To start installation, double-click the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software icon on your desktop. The installation wizard will lead you through the process. Once successfully installed, you can instantly start using the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software. You will need an internet connection to complete the installation as some components of the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software and the current price lists need to be downloaded.

The installation may take up to 10 minutes, however this is heavily dependant on your internet connection and system setup.

1.2 I can't download the FULLCIRCLE iDESK software?

Installation problems are usually caused by your firewall or security settings. Firewalls restrict information accessing and leaving your computer. As such, this may interfere with successful download of the software.

If you are attempting to download the software on a work place computer, the security settings in place there may also interfere with a successful download. It is recommended that you request authority to download the software from the respective department before continuing.

You can safely temporarily disable your home firewall by following the below instructions. However, it is highly important that you reactive your firewall once the download is complete.

To safely disable the Windows firewall, follow these instructions:

Once the download of the FULLCIRCLE iDESK program is complete, please ensure that you reactivate your firewall by following the above instructions, however ensuring you select ON then OK.

1.3 How often do I need to update FULLCIRCLE iDESK?

You can check for any updates manually at any time; however the software will automatically check the availability of new program versions and price lists whenever you place an online order. At the first startup you will be asked if you'd like to check for update, you can select to not have this checked each time.

Full Circle also have a design service

Did you know we also have a design service?

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